Sunday, January 12, 2014

Video - Marilyn Monroe and Vintage LA

Youtube link is to the new video!!!!

This short film (2 min) was made using vintage footage from mostly LA. It's set to the song Viices by Made in Heights. I love vintage footage because it makes people feel more emotion then just regular high quality clips, it almost has a rough texture which grabs at the viewers mind and spurs nostalgia. Recently I've been inspired by Marilyn Monroe and I've combined her footage with old footage from LA and nearby parts of California  By combining all these clips I can manipulate the viewers emotions by how fast or how slow I play them, what the sequence is and obviously the music. Art is really about making your audience feel the way you do, showing them something, maybe a different perspective they haven't experienced. I hope my audiences get that out of this video. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

California Scrambled

Personally I'm not a huge fan of the instagram filters, except maybe a black and white one here and there. I think editing should be done in a way to make people see pictures in a new perspective, perhaps one that jogs a distant memory. Pictures are beautiful because they can make you feel hopeful, nostalgic, daring, ecstatic and just about every other emotion. Editing these pictures gives you control over how exactly you want your audience to feel. The bottom picture here was aimed to make people feel exuberant and adventurous, a quick reminder to seize the day or perhaps even more. The third picture here was inspired by my trip to Hollywood. It's amazing to me how homeless sleep on the hand prints of the famous and Marilyn Monroe's star is right outside Mcdonalds. I was aiming for a Bel Air meets Beverly Hills feel of remembrance for the past and a slimmer of hope for the future.