Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cordial Drives

Unviable Scenery

Futile American Dream

 "Free people don't know the value of freedom, that's the problem" - Aravind Adiga (The White Tiger) 

Seeing all different perspectives of the East Coast for the first time was an eye opening experience. In Boston our forefathers fought to establish not only a future for Americans but the American dream. As I traveled from Boston to New York by perception of the American dream began to twist along every country road. In New York I stood outside the upper echelon with their 13 million dollar apartments and grim faced security guards. In Ithaca, New York, I drove through rural lower class cities and saw smiling faces, faithfully selling fruit on the dust ridden steets, and then later after making little profit, returning to old, run down, family houses. It made me ask myself: what really is the american dream?

Is the American dream monetary success or happiness? Are the really able both attainable or can they never be combined? Does money lead to corruption or even worse a simple lifeless monotony? A kind of monotony where the days blend into one lifeless blend of a routine consisting of dry nothingness. Once every dream is tangible where does that leave the dreamer? Is he then, after fighting so long, reduced to a life of nostalgia? Maybe, after all the arduous uphill battles, he simply longs to be right where he started. Then where does that leave the American dream? So incredibly tangible, it becomes bitter, reduced to nothing but a regret. 

Sweet Monotonous Summers

Reflection Of Freedom

9/11 Memorial Site

These pictures were taken at the 9/11 memorial site which is currently under construction as the new freedom towers are being built. 
The memorial site uses reflection to show the past, present and future of American's emotions towards the attack. As you can see from the pool there is the top level of water before the water drops, this level of water reflects the sky and was designed to not ripple, creating a constant reflection. To me this represents past emotions because it shows the constantly changing sky, which is undisturbed and forever unchanging because of the lack of buildings above it. The west freedom tower (picture 2) shows the otter new freedom tower being built. This shows the future of America: constantly growing, ever evolving, forever determinably pushing forward in spite of everything. 
The last picture was something that personally resonated with me. During my childhood my Mom would always take me thrift shopping. While many children went strait to the barbie section, I always went to the book section. I happened to pick up an old, but pristine, tour book of New York. As I stood at then memorial sight, feeling the names of the dead etched into the side of the pools, I felt compelled to show a comparison between before and after. As you can see in this photo the pictures of the twin towers are faded; the reason I choose to have them be less obvious then the pools is because when the attack actually happened I did not understand what was going on. Recalling the memory it is nothing but a blurry vision of multiple news channels, a sunny bus ride and multiple phone calls. I believe that for the future generations to come, that will also be what all it means to them. Although people prefer not to admit it, for future generations to come 9/11 will also be a blurry and faded memory, ingrained with forced emotions from elders. 

Sharp Intake